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If you do follow the colours of the year, you will have seen 2018 was an edgier, more urban palette- big and bold reds, modern metallics and numerous variations of that daring statement black wall! Be ready for a big change! The palette for 2019 will reflect a need for a deeper connection, ushering in a year of mindfulness, connection to nature, tranquillity and serenity.

Many brands have already released their “colour of the year” and we have noticed a trend towards forest greens almost whites and soft terracotta.  Companies are connecting the dots between consumers’ home lives, mental demands, and digital engagement, which inspired many of the colour picks.

At Artisan, we have broken it down to the #top5 colours recommended palette picks to ensure you #pickyourpalette with the right intention in mind:

1 – Deep Forest Greens

Inspired by nature these will bring the healing properties of the outdoors into the home without feeling overly arboreal! Whilst in Zimbabwe we relish the soothing effect of Mother Nature in our gardens, it doesn’t have to stop there- let nature flow in the home too for restorative healing.

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Trending Paint Colours Artisan

2 – Misty Blues

Misty blues with hazy grey undertones are what we are going to see a lot of in 2019. The calming subtle grey promotes serenity, mindfulness and calm, whilst the timeless elegance of these blue/greys work well with most colours.

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Trending Paint Colours Artisan

3 – Optimistic Yellows & Oranges

In 2019 we will see a rise in the colours of optimism, including yellows and oranges. Yellow, the colour of, positivity, clarity and energy whilst orange are associated with feelings of joy, change, determination and expression. Feel enlightened with these joyful colours, mixed beautifully with the misty cool blues/greys from our No.2 pick!

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4 – Soft Terracotta’s

Terracotta- Italian meaning of which is: “baked earth”, from the Latin terra cotta- is ideal for those who want a more elemental, rustic, nature-inspired hue in their home. Make it more modern with a creamy rust element for a more contemporary yet subtle look.

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5 – Almost White

There’s nothing more classic than an all-white palette. And while pure white is a go-to for many homemakers, 2019 will be the year of “almost-whites.” These shades offer subtle nuances that adapt to different lighting, furniture, and surrounding colours. For those who crave a minimalist palette that still feels dynamic, an almost-white shade is a fool-proof choice.

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Artisan’s Top Tip

Why not give your home a refresher for 2019 by repainting your front door?  It is your home’s version of putting on a new lipstick colour. It’s the same lovely face with just a small change but the new colour magically uplifts your whole look. The same for your home! Check out Medal Non-Drip Enamel, hardwearing semi-gloss polyurethane-based non-drip paint, which is suitable for decorating and protecting all interior surfaces

What is a colour forecast?

A colour forecast is a well-researched selection of colours by leading professionals of the industry. The colours that are chosen reflect the attitudes of people within the current environment.  It isn’t unusual to be attracted to trending colours. Don’t believe it is all about being fashionable and on-point when it comes to the latest colour trends. Use the colour forecast as stimulation and inspiration for your home or office!


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