Four Kitchen Design Trends For 2019

Since the kitchen is the heart of every home, we have decided to take a look at the top design trends for 2019 to give you some kitchen renovation inspiration.

1. Dusky Ambiance

Opting for a dark kitchen is a daring choice but when you take the risk it can really pay off. Combining a matt black floor with lighter walls creates a beautiful contrast that adds some drama without fully darkening your kitchen. The lighter walls will make the kitchen look timeless rather than ultra-modern. Copper lighting can soften the look and bring some warmth into the space, while adding some greenery like a few plants can add some freshness.

Cemcrete Cretecote Shale

Cemcrete’s CreteCote Shale was used for the floors and SatinCrete Parchment can be used for a similar look on the walls.

Cemcrete Colour Hardener Artisan

Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener Slate was used for the floors to create this look.

2. Farmhouse Chic

Why not go back to basics and let the raw materials in your kitchen shine on their own? Think wooden cupboards, exposed brick and screed flooring. You can add a focal point to the kitchen with a statement island that adds a pop of colour. Another trick is not to leave the screed as is but to give your floor a more refined look by adding some colour with a decorative cement-based finish such as Colour Hardener or CreteCote from Cemcrete. And finally, finish off the room by using some vintage accessories such as a SMEG fridge, toaster and kettle to compliment the farmhouse feel.

Cemcrete Colour Hardener Cobble Milk

Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener Cobble Milk was used on the floors to create this look and CemWash can be used on the brick walls to create a bag wash effect.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Artisan

 CreteCote Tan was used on the floors and CemWash Sandstone on the walls to created this look.

3. Touch Of Contrast

A combination of contrasting textures such as mixing natural materials like wood, brick and cement with sleek finishes such as marble work tops, matt black lighting and bronze handles. Texture in design is a very important element to consider as it can add visual weight and depth to an interior space.

Cemcrete Colour Hardener Grey
Cemcrete Colour hardener Grey Floors

Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener Grey was used on the floors to pull these looks together.

4. Contemporary Retro

There is a certain harmony that is created when you combine modern design with retro elements. Wood cladded walls and screed flooring is the picture-perfect contract against the more modern stainless-steel fittings. Accessories help infuse your personality into the space and a fun way to add a splash of colour is with vintage-inspired fixtures. Bring a casual feel to your kitchen area by using open shelving to display your dishware.

Cemcrete Cretecote Grey

Cemcrete’s CreteCote Grey was used on the floors and TPC White can be used to paint the ceilings.

SatinCrete Graphite Artisan

SatinCrete Graphite was used on the feature wall.

Cemcrete offers an extensive range of products so versatile that anyone can find their niche when it comes to styling their kitchen for the new year. For more information visit Cemcrete’s website here.

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