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It’s a much different world than it was only a few months ago. Everyone is making it a priority to keep their environment as clean and germ-free as possible, especially hospitals, dental offices, and medical centres. When it comes to the floors in these facilities, the demands are many. They must be sanitary and easy to clean, must be resistant to chemical spills and stains and they should have no ill effects on indoor air quality. Most of all, they must be durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, wheelchairs, and hospital gurneys. Decorative concrete flooring easily meets all these performance demands, yet looks anything but cold and clinical, as these examples show. Learn more about the many health and safety benefits of concrete floors and how they are being used to meet the rigorous demands of today’s healthcare industry.


Polished Concrete Replaces Tile

This hospital, built in the 1960s, chose to remove the old vinyl tile floor throughout and polish the existing concrete rather than install another floor covering. A diagonal pattern was cut into the concrete, and then the floor was stained with two colours to create the look of granite. The newly revitalized floor now provides an aesthetically pleasing surface with minimal maintenance.


Metallic Coatings Transforms Dental Office Floor

A multicoloured palette of metallic-pigmented epoxies transformed the floor of this new oral surgery centre, into a work of art. In addition to the shimmering decorative effects, the high-build seamless epoxy is chemical resistant and easy to clean, making it ideal for concrete floors in medical facilities.


Surgical Center Gets Epoxy Floor Coating

The doctor who operates this high-tech surgical centre specifically wanted an epoxy-coated concrete floor that would help him maintain a sterile environment and be easy to clean. A 100%-solids epoxy coating, followed by a urethane topcoat for added protection, resulted in a floor that is highly resistant to chemicals while offering excellent durability and longevity.


Stained Concrete Floor Enhances Dental Center

This richly stained concrete floor is the perfect example of how a decorative concrete floor can add beauty and warmth to a clinical environment. The floors in six small exam rooms were stained, along with a large four-chair examining room. A clear coat of epoxy and two coats of urethane gave the floor a low-maintenance satin finish.

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